From Unhealthy & Broke in Michigan

To Network Marketing Millionaire in Los Angeles, CA

Ronda BA

Before and After my Transformation

Hello and Welcome!

I still can’t believe this was ME 10 years ago?!

To say I made a total life transformation is an understatement!

Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom to finally make a positive change in your life… Well that’s how it happened for me, you see 20 years ago, I was diagnosed with an incurable disease, my fiance left and I found myself in $40,000 of growing debt, I was scared, frustrated, and depressed, to say the least! I was forced to search for an answer to a better life – or die trying!

Through my lifelong search to free myself from physical and financial pain, I met many powerful leaders in many different industries who guided me on my quest for more. Through taking massive action on a daily basis, transforming my mind and heart out of mental and emotional chaos, and making bold decisions, I completely turned my entire life around.

Today, I am a successful entrepreneur, a business trainer, and an international coach. More importantly, I get to help support my mother and sister, travel the world, and connect with wonderful like-minded people to help them achieve their life goals. I know you’re likely wondering how someone goes from sick, broke, in debt, and broken-hearted, to achieving the life of their dreams?

I can show you how in simple and easy steps. I am passionate about helping people exactly like you, to make your dreams and desires come true, so that you can lead a completely fulfilling and fun life.

Join me! I would love to work with you!

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