Imagine Living Your Life With More Energy, Clarity, And Focus…

Waking Up Each Morning Jumping Out Of Bed Enthused, Doing The Things You Say You Want To, But Think You “Can’t”

What would that be like for you?

Many people read this sentence and think… “Yeah, but…”

I understand, I used to be that person too. Watching others enjoy life and make it look so easy, while sitting on the sidelines of my own. Doing all the “shoulds,” working at jobs I was good at but had no passion for, and suffering through not one, but five failed relationships.

My life became particularly awful the moment I was sitting on one of those uncomfortable, cold metallic doctor tables.

The Doctor stood over me, practically smirking while telling me I have a potentially incurable, and possibly terminal illness and “we need to start treatment right away!!!”

His idea of treatment made my heart sink. I felt scared, sad, and angry all at the same time. Then completely overwhelmed.

When I returned to my apartment, alone and more distraught then I’d been in a long time, I picked up the phone and called a friend.

“There’s something terribly wrong, and it could be one step away from cancer. Not too many people survive this kind of cancer, you know!”

“You don’t have to listen to him honey!” she said. “Let’s find someone who believes in you and will work WITH you to overcome this.”

“Wow, that’s a thing?” I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. I was in disbelief that there was a way out of this based on how the Dr. had intimidated me.

Sitting at my computer alone and afraid, I searched for anyone who believed in natural protocols. I called doctor after doctor.

On the 10th call I found Dr. Cynthia Watson who told me…

“I’m an MD, I’m an ND, I’m a biochemist, and we can work together to heal your body.”

In That Moment I Made A Choice Of What I Was Going To Believe And What I Was Going To Pour Myself Into…

I chose ME, for the first time ever.

My health, my energy, my time, my passion.

I wanted it back. In fact, I wanted it for the first time. I knew it was going to be a lot of work, but that tiny bit of belief that my friend had for me, carried over into my first taste of self-belief.

For 6 months I went through a very intensive protocol of forgiveness, journaling, crying, meditation, nutrition, exercise and so much more. Then one profound day that I will never forget, my tests came back clear!

I regained my health and in the process found a much greater joy in living. I had energy to do things I always wanted to, but couldn’t. I took a year to study meditation with a master and learned to generate bliss and happiness from the inside out.

I became so passionate about my transformation I wanted to share it with everyone, but I didn’t know how. I felt nobody would listen to me. I had no degree, no initials after my name.

I was praying for a way to help people, a way to share what I had learned, to empower people to believe…

One morning as I prayed, the phone rang. It was my former boss Dr. John Gray. You may know his book, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.

“Ronda, you have to check this out! I’ve been blown away by this line of nutritional products and I am just calling everyone I care about to share it with them.

My friend Renee who I’d tried to help for years shared it with me after she walked in here one day 30 pounds lighter than I’d ever seen her, her skin glowing!

I asked her how she’d done it since most of what her and I did together didn’t work, and she said…

‘Oh my friend Ron Reid is good friends with this formulator, this kinda genius guy named John Anderson. He recently formulated this cleaning replenishing revitalizing program I’ve been doing it for 3 months and I’ve never felt so amazing!’

So I said, ‘Let me see that stuff!’ And I saw it was all amino acid based, and amino acids had helped me overcome some major scares in my past so I knew all the science behind it.

I took it for 30 days and now I’m calling everyone I know. I met the formulator. I’ve seen the factory, I have done major research into each ingredient. I know the founders of this company and what they want is real beauty and health for each person on this planet by healing at the cellular level.

I Know You’ve Been Wanting To Help Others And I Think This Could Be It.

Want to try it?”

I wasn’t really sure if this “was it,” the answer to my prayer. But I trusted John and he told me that he would show me how I could partner with this company, make some retirement income and get super healthy.

“Listen Ronda, people are sick, numb, tired and the reasons are toxins we’ve never had to deal with in the past generations so our bodies don’t know how to… a lack of nutrition in the food we eat that our grandmother’s never ate, and more stress than humans have ever had to deal with!

It’s not really people’s fault that the ways they’ve tried to lose weight or get healthier or gain more energy hasn’t worked. It hasn’t gotten to that root of the problem but I believe we are.”

At that point, I couldn’t get the stuff fast enough.

After 4 days I felt like a completely different person, like someone had flipped the switch.

I had prayed so hard to make a difference, to find a way to be of service. I wasn’t 100% sure this was it but I decided I’d try.

I Decided To Share This Amazing Product & Program With Others

It wasn’t easy! I wanted to share my story and my experience and my passion and my health with everyone who would listen but I was also terrified of rejection.

What would happen if I shared my heart with another and they just laughed at me? Or called me crazy?

Well I believed in this movement, and to me it is a movement, so much I started going to company events, and I fell in love with owners of company and the culture they had created. Their hearts were the size of the universe. The focus and love at their events was so powerful

I started reading books, worked on myself, went to events…

And one day I had the realization that if I could heal my body I could heal anything including my fear of rejection and my bank account!

All I needed to do was make a single decision, focus and stick to it!

“Okay Ronda,” I said to myself. “You are doing this!”

I stopped caring about how hard it might be, how long it could to take, who might be successful faster. I stopped comparing myself and focused on taking consistent action while being of service.

“I am going to succeed!” became my mantra.

“This is my destiny. I am here to do this. This is working, it truly helps people and I am here
to shift consciousness in the world. This is how I am going to do it.”

Eventually I got to a 6 figure residual income but I still had a lot of growing to do as a leader, as someone building a team.

With the support of our community, that’s what I did.

Then I Became A Million Dollar Earner, Then A Millionaire.

It was all from persevering and never giving up.

I got the title of “Queen of Never Quitting!”

And as the Queen of Never Quitting, even though I am truly blessed to be in a position to never work another day in my life, if I can help one more person feel better then that is my sacred honor and duty.

I want to share with you two of the products that gave me and so many others a life beyond our wildest dreams by first helping us get more energy…

Then helping us day by day, through hard work and effort, do the things we truly enjoy and are here to do.

If you’re ready for that there’s a video you can enter your name and email to receive in just a moment.

The fitness industry doesn’t really address the two reasons most of us walk around feeling that we can never catch up and we’re “half living” our lives.

Environmental toxicity is one.

Nutritional depletion, even if we think we’re eating healthy, for two.

There are chemicals everywhere, in all our food, air and water and at this point we simply can’t get away from it. We’re going to feel low energy and emotionally depleted until we understand and resolve this.

Our liver is responsible for clearing toxins, when there are too many all at once, it begins to store toxins in fat cells in the body. Which in turn creates several problems especially if you’re trying to lose weight or maintain energy or vitality.

Our body is so nutritionally deprived that every time we eat it craves more food. That’s why most people are on an up and down roller coaster with everything from energy to weight to how they feel.

The meal replacement shake and detox products I want to share with you load your body with optimal nutrition so your body can do what it needs to do!

And if you make the decision to take control of your life, like I did…

You order these supplements and you don’t feel better in 30 days we will give you your money back, no questions asked.

So you can go ahead and enter your name and email here and get started with a video that will go deeper into the science of all of this so you can get your questions answered if you have any.

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Once you watch that I’d love to connect personally with you and see how I can support your journey.

I’d love to share more with you how I paid off $40,000 in credit card debt and stopped my dependence on unhealthy relationships to survive financially…

How I helped my Mom who worked her whole life in restaurants to support my sister and I, with no retirement, whose husband of 25 years walked away leaving her devastated… and retired her down to only 2 days of waitressing a week… (and that is only because she wants to!)

And how I ended up moving into my dream home at the beach in Playa Del Rey, CA, waking up each morning to see the Ocean waves crashing upon the shores and the mountains in the distance, pinching myself that this is my life, that I get to help people and have this much prosperity in my life and get to give back.

This year I’ll be going to Guatemala to help bring nutrition, schools and water to those in need.

It all started with a moment of crisis on that cold, steely doctor’s table where I didn’t believe I’d even make it another year… to the greatest 15 year journey of my life.

So Again, Here’s That Video. Let’s Get You Started On Your 30 Day “Guaranteed” Experience

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In This Journey Success Depends On Helping Others… Here Are A Few Stories That Inspire Me! (Can’t Wait To Add Yours!)

My Mother Couldn’t Walk On The Beach In Hawaii, But Now She’s Doing 5K’s With Me!

My Mom is one of the most loving people I have ever met, but in her words “I’m dying inside!” After decades of hard waitressing work, long shifts, and collapsing in front of the tv afterwards, she found herself 60 pounds overweight for many years. One day after a particularly scary doctor’s appointment, she called me crying.

“Mom, I can’t talk to you right now!” I said, tears running down my face. I’d been trying to get her to try these products for YEARS.

“I help people feel better every day and I can’t even help my own Mom!” I hung up.

My Dad died of a heart attack at age 59 and I was not ready to lose her.

She called back crying and said “I am so sorry honey, I love you so much, I will do ANYTHING you tell me too!”

So I got her on a certain protocol the company offers and she shed those extra pounds within 4 months. She felt so great she walked a 5K while I ran it, and let me tell you something… I took my Mother to Hawaii a few years back and she wouldn’t even take a walk on the beach she felt so badly!

She no longer comes home from work and collapses onto the couch. She has a life and has taken up hobbies and interests. Most importantly she’s happy. And I get many more years with my Mom, who I love dearly.”

Samantha Never Wanted To Miss Another Of Her Children’s “First,” And Now She Doesn’t!

Samantha was cruising around on Facebook and saw me and someone else she knew at an event holding a plaque that said $100,000 on it.

“What the???” she asked herself, but then kept scrolling.

The next morning she woke up, kissed her baby and young child, sent them off to the nanny and went to work at a law office. That day, like every other day, she worked a full day of hours, all the while missing her kids.

But what was different that day?

Her nanny sent her a video via text message of her baby saying her ABCs for the first time.

She cried through her next hour at work and vowed to never miss another “first” again, but she had no idea how that would happen.

Later that evening after she had put her children to sleep, she remembered that plaque! Who the heck are those women and what are they doing? She went back to the picture and clicked “like.” A decision to take a small action that would change everything for Samantha.

When I saw her “like” I reached out.

“Hey, you look cool, I want to know you more.”

So we spoke, I shared the products and protocols with her and she said, “That’s awesome, I’ve been wanting to lose weight from the babies.”

She talked to her engineer husband and said “Do you think we could really make money selling shakes?”

Being a practical kind of guy he said, “I don’t know but we should at least try! We both want to get healthier, if they can we can!”

So they got started and they fell in love with it and started coming to calls and fell in love with the vision, mission, culture and freedom option.

“I will do anything you tell me to do, I have to have this!”

She meant it. She did everything.

Within 6 months she was home with her children.

After another year we got really close, I went to her house she said “my house is too small but there’s this dream house…”

“Lets go!”


“Yeah let’s go take pictures of it!”

I make her get out of the car, stand on lawn, and she’s mortified while I snap pictures of her on this lawn.

“You can do this girl!”

Two years later she moved into that very same neighborhood in a way nicer house.

She’s done great and she had no background in any of this. She just wanted to help people.

From Working At Wing House To Rescuing Animals: My Sister’s Journey To Design Her Dream Life

My sister Alissa was a BIG FOODIE. She loves her food, she will line up at the food truck, the brand new restaurant, the bistro! She wants to try everything. The only thing was, she struggled with how she felt. She got bad migraines. She had very little energy.

She worked full time at Wing House making pretty good money, but moody and with no energy to pursue any of her passions, or her dream of working at an animal sanctuary.

One day she was at Wing House and a customer turned to her and said:

“Are you pregnant?”

She told me she almost died right there on the spot from humiliation.

But like me, one of her darkest moments was the turning point. She got super motivated. “Ronda what is it that you are doing anyway?”

And I helped get her started, after years of resisting and not thinking this could help her.

It changed her life. Her fogginess and bloating disappeared.

Eventually she started to feel so good that she really got up the courage and energy to quit her waitressing job, made a little extra money… not a ton but enough to go and follow her dream and move where the animal sanctuary is.

She now gets to work at a sanctuary where you barely make any money, not enough to survive, but they’ve rescued 15,000 animals and that is her passion. She doesn’t depend on it to make money.

She’s there helping animals, living her dream.

Not because she made a bunch of money, but made a little bit more than her job provided. Most importantly, she got her LIFE back through nutrition. She regained her energy and focus and then she could go for it

Want To Take One Tiny Step Towards Changing Your Life Like I & Many Others Have?

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Love, Prosperity & To Following Your Passion,

Ronda Coallier